Export + Wholesale


We export our cherries to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and the Middle East.

If you would like to have our fresh, sweet and succulent cherries on your shelves please contact us. We would be only too happy to provide all the details on how to stock our cherries.


We wholesale our cherries to Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Foodland, and other major fruit and produce outlets.

With production of over 1000 tonnes per year and quality second to none, our cherries are hard to go past.

Quality control

At Torrens Valley Orchards, we pride ourselves on quality cherries that are second to none.

Our quality control practices maintain a high level of product perfection. This starts from the ground up.

We are continually taking steps to perfect our orchard, with weed and pest management on going throughout the year.

Further to this we use outside expert help from Hybrid-Ag to maintain and test our sustainability.

Their mission is “To apply our experience and focus in soil and plant nutrition to help growers achieve maximum quality and yield in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically profitable and to provide a superior range of highly effective and environmentally sustainable soil and plant nutrient products.”

Torrens Valley Orchards are qualified with:

Freshcare, providing us with the essential on-farm and post-harvest food safety criteria required to be met and maintained to produce safe, quality, fresh produce.


HARPS, which harmonises all retailer-specific food safety, trade and legal requirements of each of Australia’s five major grocery retailers (ALDI, Coles, Woolworths, Costco and Metcash). Ensuring that we are meeting the regulatory standards for fruit produce grown, picked and packed.

We have the state’s largest optical sorting production line. The technology of this 10-lane machine ensures outstanding control over the product of our cherries. With the exceptional colour separation, our machine can sort uniformity of size, ensuring our packed boxes are of the same colour and size for consistency. The internal firmness of the cherries is also taken into account and categorised into the appropriate grade.

Environment and sustainability

A core strength of ours is that we are securing a sustainable future for our farming land and produce by being green and clean, which then contributes to our scale of a consistent supply of high standard cherries, large enough to supply supermarkets in Asia.