About Us

Torrens Valley Orchards is a family owned and run cherry farm. We bring you consistently great quality sweet and succulent cherries, so you can share the joy of cherries with your family for longer each year.

Nowhere better to experience this than at our flagship orchard in the beautiful Torrens Valley.


Torrens Valley Orchards are primarily located in the Gumeracha district of the Adelaide Hills, which is part of the Mount Lofty Ranges, 29km east of the city of Adelaide in the state of South Australia. It is 348 meters above sea level. The climate has cool Mediterranean seasons with frost in the winters and considerably warm summers. The annual rainfall is 756 mm.

Our other location is Barmera a town in the Riverland region of South Australia. It is on the Sturt Highway, 220km north-east of Adelaide.

Barmera exists in a semi-arid location, north of Goyder’s Line and is 29 metres above sea level. Barmera has a dry climate with hot summers and warm days and cold frosty nights in winter and receives less than 250 mm of rain per annum.


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